Promo postcards

These pieces are from a series of postcard designs I did for promo pieces.


MORE Asleep!

Some Sunday pages cartoon strip for the Creators Syndicate.

Asleep At the Wheel

Way back before the internet I developed a daily cartoon strip for the Creators Syndicate.

From what I remember it was well recieved, but I didn’t want to pay the fee they asked for
to start distribution.

Random sketches from the slushpile!

Robin sketch from a pile of
Teen Titans commission pieces.

Illo piece for a magazine.

The Gavinator…….

Bakshi Style!

The Rubber Gorilla Collection!

Yes Kids, I collect Rubber Gorillas.
These guys have been around since the 1940’s, sold at dime stores or given away as carnival prizes. A cheap single mold toy, easy to knock out a ton of them at a time. In the 60’s there
was a rash of novelty rubber jigglers you could hang from your rear view mirror. That wonderful gasoline-smelling rubber pal! There are many, many different Gorillas in this form.
I have found at least 20…..all different.
The one rubber gorilla that seen the most is the 1970’s Imperial Kong. There are 2 versions, the common 8″ and the harder to find 5″. They came tagged with a gold stretch elastic on the wrists.
There are 1960’s and 1970’s gumball machine prizes, like rubber gorilla keychains, rings, and pencil toppers. The pencil topper I have pictured doubled as Chewbacca’s son or brother when my Brother and I created our “Star Wars” universe.
The 1980’s Imperial Kong resembles the 1933 movie King Kong more than other versions.
It has that familiar gait and elongated arms.
I have found them all over the place…….mostly at toy conventions for less than $3.
As far as I have seen they stopped making them in the 80’s, so hopefully my collection will be finite at some point. I was going to start collection some of the Japanese King Kong Vinyl kits since they are so damned cool!
Four 1970’s Gorillas of varying sizes!
1970’s Gumball Gorilla 1970’s Pencil Topper
1970’s Imperial Kong 8″ version
1940’s Carnival Prize 1970’s Imperial Kong 5″ version
1960’s Kong Novelty Jiggler
For hanging from your rear view mirror.
1970’s King Kong Bank Movie Tie-in
1970’s King Kong Bubble Bath Movie Tie-in
1970’s Big Jim Jungle Adventure Gorilla.
Most often confused with a King Kong toy,
but clearly labelled as a Mattel product.
1960’s King Kong Animated series playset.
Cheap Vinyl/Plastic playset, yet considerably
rare. I don’t own one of these and I probably
won’t since it looks like hell!


Hello all,

Dave is now preparing to relax…..after a stint on laying out a 2D animated show in Photoshop for almost a year.
I can get some projects on the go and pick up some happenin’ freelance gigs.
First on the list is the second installment of Gretchen Schlesinger’s Send Me the Soap series.
The roughs are done and approved…..and I will be posted some of the published and unpublished stuff soon.

I am now involved in the Ralph Bakshi book due out next year…..My main focus is Ralph’s 60’s tv projects…..including Rocket Robin Hood. I offered to provide my research for use to the authors of the upcoming bio-book.

The compiled Rocket Robin Hood DVD set will arrive soon from a source who has 11 DVD’s of RRH shows. I will be assembling an art of DVD for inclusion with the set.

That is all…..

What Star Wars!?!

The influence of Star Wars on my 1970’s mind.

I scribbled this on my Grade 4 report card.

And sadly it still continues……this painting is from the mid 90’s.

A commission for a crazed SW collector.

Some custom Star Wars figures I made up for another collector.