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Found! Charlton Comic’s “The Comic Book Guide for the Artist Writer Letterer” in pdf form.

I’ve looked for this particular booklet since I was a kid, I had missed the boat on it back then by about 5 years. I had collected the bagged 3-pack Charlton comics in the late ’70’s, the comics had been bundled after sitting around for a long time. The booklet rarely shows up on eBay. Originally offered in1973 the booklet was so popular it went into a 2nd printing.

Here is some nice history on the booklet, as well as jpeg pages and a pdf version.



New old art from the files!

Found some stray scans from the Nat Geo 2008/2009 Kids Calendar I worked on.

I had half the monthly illustrations and one main illustration to do for it. The project had to be done in 20 days, pure craziness of a deadline and little room for revisions.

I started with 2 rounds of sketches, one whole batch of ideas were rejected. The second batch of sketches were approved with little changes. The pencil art was scanned and revised in photoshop. After sketch approval I ink-lined in Photoshop and coloured.

About 8 months later a nifty calendar showed up on my door!
As a bonus, here is an Iggy Arbuckle comic strip sample I was asked to do for Nat Geo Kids….I had pencilled up 5 full pages, but only had time to colour a daily page.