Monthly Archives: December 2006

Yes I am a fan of Rocket Robin Hood

I’ve been a fan of Rocket Robin Hood since it aired (syndicated) in the 70’s.
Strangely enough I received a pile of original RRH art a few years ago and have
been hawking a RRH fanzine on eBay.

I was originally researching a book on Ralph Bakshi when compiled it
into the ‘zine.

The RRH ‘zine is compiled of stories from various sources including
Bakshi, Jim Steranko, and Karl Hagen (the camera-man on the show).

So stay tuned for some RRH crap!



In the field of animated film I have worked primarily as a television and feature animation layout artist, on such shows as Magic School Bus, Ace Ventura, and most recently for Fox TVs The Ripping Friends.

Productions I have worked as a designer include the syndicated Roswell Conspiracies and a Prozzak video for Animation House. Pre-production/Development projects I have worked on include Elliott the Moose for Pictor/Nelvana and Stez and Randy for MTV animation.

I’m including a pile of old sketches along with new stuff!